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Fotohrátky with snake hen


stromovka2Every year the month of April, when I try to spend all your free time by searching, observing and photographing reptiles in our nature. In this period are waking from their winter sleep and are not as vigilant as the summer. At the same time or vegetation is not yet as high as allowing easier observation. April is the time when control animals mating desire to father offspring. Better time to meet our lizards and snakes is.

During my meeting with the reptiles came more photos, I was pleased that. Some photos but most of the Grass Tree. Who ever tried it knows, that photographing snakes in nature there is no raspberry. Are long, fast and always hidden somewhere. Get them to shot the whole or only a short walk to an interesting composition is not easy. To capture an animal with a small head so you need to use a macro lens. At the same time not easily fit within the scope of macro 1.5 meters long animal. I have therefore tried to find other compositions where these disadvantages are suppressed.


Grass tree in all its glory


Snake tree is our longest snake. Normally grows to a length of about 1.5 m, but there are also records of 2.15 m long specimens. Thanks to the prejudices of people miss these dimensions nowadays grow. Most of these meetings is ending the death of snake.

stromovkaGrass Tree (Zamenis longissimus)


Snake tree has historically been more popular denominations. One of them was snake hen. This was about the team, that usually occur at the edges of forests and meadows. Frequently visited and to human dwellings, where they always have their favorite food – Rodents. Thanks to this with us before the advent of Christianity practiced cool “Hades boss”. CE very good reeve had on his holding snake. It provides, rodents that destroy crops, which honestly awesome tree snake. Recorded cases, when the neighbors stole these snakes and emit in their homes. After the arrival of Christianity in our country this cult has disappeared. Probably because the image of a snake as a symbol of evil in the Bible.

stromovka1I tried to use a tree trunk


Perhaps the most conventional name, which are still used today, je  Eskulapov had. It is assumed, that the symbol of medicine is to just stick wrapped tree snake. Romans discharged in their neighborhood in the spa, are based. Probably was the reason for reducing the number of rodents. They were in the time the main source of diseases such as plague epidemics were.


stromovka2Grass Tree (Zamenis longissimus)

despite all the prejudices, full of alarmist media reports about their overgrowth and exaggeration rare interaction with humans, the Snakes always trying to avoid meeting with the man. For if a man does not allow them or their snaps (accede them or additives) used only in self-defense which is their weapon of their teeth. In addition to one in our living cottonmouth, adder which is north, all are harmless. Their bite is tasked only to intimidate. There are virtually unable to cause injury to human beings. Some species even in self-defense do not bite but they play dead (Grass Snake and snorting). But I believe, that we can overcome these prejudices rather than slay the last snake.


stromovka3Grass Tree (Zamenis longissimus)



more information about tree snake can be found at this link

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  1. Mino says:

    Rudo: Thanks, s fotoaparátom treba chodiť všade :)

  2. Rudo says:

    beautiful photos, na fotografovanie máš talent, taktiež milujem hady, musím chodiť do lesa s foťákom a fotiť :D

  3. Mino says:

    Diky Martine.

  4. Martin Švarc says:

    Jsou to krásná stvoření, moc pěkné fotky.

  5. Mino says:

    Hi George. Thanks for the comment. They are our most snakes in my opinion. There is no simple click of their. Mas must have respect for the truth but fear is not at.

  6. George Pupil says:

    hello! Nice article I like the most recent photo. Stromovka are beautiful creatures, from some individuals to respect human..:D