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Dudok – flying phantom of our forests


dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops)If someone said a month ago, I'll be able to photograph dudka Lapwing feeding in juvenile, I taunted him. Dudky is chill chicks by early June this year and therefore should already be out of all the cavity.



Due to bad weather, raged this year at the beginning of summer calendar, the entire life cycle of many species of animals increased the. Problems are not without some couples even dudkov. While the eastern and central Slovakia from young vyleteli nests in early June, in western Slovakia, many couples lost their clutches. In this case, birds may have a spare laying, as was the case for me a couple photographed. The nest in a deep cavity in the middle of oak forest.


dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops)

Dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops) just before landing at the edge of cavity nesting


Dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops) Slovakia is a relatively common species (nest with us 600-1000 couples each year – source Yet few of us had the opportunity to catch your eyes. If it were not my friend Romana, which I want to thank, I would not even me this opportunity. Hopefully he will be able to respond as soon as possible.


dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops)Dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops) a typical food for their young


Perhaps most fascinates his way flight. Waving wings, no sound issued. Thus, the only chance to register as the eye contact. Since its feathers in some parts of the body has to much orange, should not be a big problem. As with most gaily colored animal lives, the opposite is true. saw it at normal walking through the woods is almost impossible. Even if I knew where they arrive at the next feeding, not always, I saw it and sometimes I even found a butterfly flying dudka.


dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops)Dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops) flight


So far I had no idea what entails photographing dudka middle of the forest. Every minute the light changes, while shining a strong light and sharp photography is almost impossible without a strong underexposed. A few minutes later it all again in the shadows and change the setting to at least 1 EV and ISO asks the extreme values 1600+ beyond the possibility of decent photos of the camera. The worst is over but some of the letters when strong light enters and leaves themselves, create substantial shadows. Part of the building is part of the flare, and vice versa. It's almost like alchemy and often ends swearing when viewing photos on your computer. Sometimes I had to change settings during a brief moment as he sat with food Dudok motionless on the branches, Whereas the first was in the shade and a few seconds he was already shining sun.


dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops)Dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops) odsedávacom branch of the cavity near


To my great delight I found Sunday, that young dudky vyleteli successfully from the nest. It remains only hope, that handle travel to Africa and back and a year with them and their descendants a year we meet again. Those few days I've had the opportunity to spend them belonged to my beautiful photographic experience. Hopefully you enjoy some photos.


dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops)Dudok chochlatý (Upupa epops)

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  1. Hair says:

    Práve sme videli v Torremolinos, Španielsku.
    Veľmi dobre foto!

  2. Daniel says:

    Včera zasadol do trávy u nás na dvore (Súlovcemáme ho aj v erbe obce resp. má tam byť podľa heraldikov, len dáky exot tam dal omylom páva…) tento nádherný vtáčiknaživo sme ho videli všetci prvý krát v životeneskutočná nádhera!

  3. Mino says:


  4. martin says:

    Dnes 08.04.2017 sme dudka videli pri Humennom. ;)

  5. Jana says:

    Dnes som videla pred našou záhradou krásneho dudka chochlatého.V čerstvo pokosenej tráve si vyberal potravu. Pozorovali sme ho opodiaľ z auta. Je to krásny vtáčik.

  6. Nory says:

    Nadhera, vcera som ich videla vo viniciach na Balatone / Balatonbereny/ nikdy som takeho vtaka na slovensku nevidel!

  7. Nory says:

    Videla som vcera na Baltone vo viniciach Balaton berény mnozstvo dudkov /nadhera nadhera nadhera/

  8. Mino says:

    to som rád

  9. Martina says:

    Fotografie sú krásne a veľmi ma potešili.