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With the heron on the beach



Shooting volaviek in the tropics is far away photography in Europe. And it literally! For us, the escape distance volaviek few hundred meters. In the tropics it is sometimes referred to as 10-20 m.


Heron žltoprstá (Egretta thula)


Before moving to the Peninsula Osa Peninsula, we spent two days in the area around Dominicalu. The last morning before leaving we decided to give photography žltoprstej herons on a nearby beach.

volavka-zltoprsta-egretta-thula-2Heron žltoprstá (Egretta thula)

Morning before dawn we went on beach, previously verified by day Radek a pali. The heron was waiting for us already. According to information from Andy, it's an old harcovníčka and this is the beach every day for a couple of years.

volavka-zltoprsta-egretta-thula-5Heron žltoprstá (Egretta thula)

Shooting on the beach has its charm. Tidal waves will completely wetted and sometimes it takes away the technology. At the same time struggling with color balance photos, Whereas it is either dark or sun reflections from the water causing burns. White herons allows you to shoot only the first few minutes after sunrise, unless it is still too strong light. Then it just creates a white blow.

volavka-zltoprsta-egretta-thula-4Heron žltoprstá (Egretta thula)

Much short of one heron on the famous beaches Dominicalu. Next time I'll probably have some hummingbirds, which I have about half of all photos :) .

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