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The burrows líščej


liska3Foxes, like any vídavam mainly from a large distance. If you want to bring them to flee away. For years I had a nice photo of this beautiful beast. Thanks Roman friend I could finally make a few shots.

liskathis young fox fur still not colored by

Roman offered me the opportunity to go shoot a fox burrow around which grew out of the cubs stayed longer. When I have called attention, that you have to take the chair that I endured motionless wait. It sounded like a team, that it clearly because I am still with you in the trunk of a car. Since the place we went in a car Tiborovom, course, I get it from the trunk forgot to choose. Mask, we 15 yards from the hole and waited. During 2 hours of waiting I x in the spirit of the times I've cursed ass, I did not take up a chair. But wildlife photography is just such a man must endure when something wants to have a coveted photo. Once every half hour, I will lift the little hands that I have to let go a little numb leg blood. I tried to do while the minimum noise that I have nothing nevyplašil.

liska3fox rusty (Vulpes vulpes) in all its glory

From the sixth hour here and there I heard rustling around us. Probably they were playing fox. In addition to its surroundings burrows, everywhere high vegetation, Thus was their chance to glimpse. I began to have doubts, whether they are too large and not spend the night outside the burrows. At a time when it became the best light ran on a small hill in the first nest burrow. In their second, third and later fourth. I was speechless from astonishment. In fact, they are more beautiful than the photographs. Mali beautiful orange kožúšteky. Were more playful than a small puppy. They spent a few minutes, pohašterili is the mole and again disappeared in high grass. For these few minutes, but worth waiting for. Hurt me “whole man” no regret. I went again :) .

liska4mláďatá in hašteria or krtka

When we left I had mixed feelings. Roman told us, that then how to put web photos of young foxes, wrote his hunters to tell them where they are, because they should kill. Apparently there would most like to throw a grenade into the hole. I thought, that it's because foxes carry rabies. So they want to protect people. I was wrong. Reason? They hunt small hares and roe. I thought if this is because, that they care more about life and hares srniek? no. Roe and hares are in fact expensive commodity. Roe shoot for expensive permits and hares caught and sold abroad. The reason therefore is not human but pure business. So it is quite possible, that the fox is waiting a short life. Nothing to change that fact, that fish just to survive.


one with him he runs away, Second, the mole will not give up

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  1. Mino says:

    Mirko: hello, thank you, I'm glad you liked the photos.

  2. Mirko says:

    Hello Milan,
    really amazing. Thanks for the nice experience mediated thy photos :-)

  3. Mino says:

    Hi Hansel, thank you for your praise. SME sa porastom Maskovali of a maskovacími I eťami. Fortunately, Mom was not there because we have suffered relatively. We were very lucky, nora je i ta z fotografického manuálu :)

  4. Jack Kollmann says:

    Hi Milan,
    for a long time with you, I stopped again and I commend you. Foxes are really well done (and not only those). How did you disguise?I just watched this year and I know, that their mother was more alert than. I was around seven unsuspecting normal, which were initially occupied, but only one was something. Unfortunately it was the, for that could not shoot for shit všelijakému. Other burrows and found the gun and was shooting. So maybe next time. Whether you are doing and take care okay.