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Heron juhoamerická (Ardea coco)


ardea-cocoi6When I first saw herons South American (Ardea coco) when entering Pantanalu I immediately remembered the “our” volavku popolavú (Ardea cinerea). In addition to differences in color was probably the main feature for me really, that these herons neodleteli until we come close to the own 20 meter distance.

volavka_juhoamerick_ardea_cocoi_20091206_1515196296one of our first meeting during the arrival time of the sunset

As we sat in the car or in the boat we could be closer to those 10 m. This, in Slovakia, and probably across Europe there is. Herons but also other birds, especially raptors have a legitimate fear of people and their úteková distance is sometimes 100 m. V “civilized” Europe is haunted by people all the animals, that eat anything that could bring profit. Fish, rabbits and other animals divožijúce monopolizing the persecution and uphold the, that they cause damage.

ardea-cocoi2Ardea cocoa in the sun backlighting

Animals do not understand is, that today millions of years of valid laws of nature no longer. Today, what nature is created all living beings,now includes all people. Each animal, are trying to catch something that has survived, is persecuted, and therefore their shyness is essential for their survival.

ardea-cocoi10South American herons fly

This I duly turned aside from the subject :) . Back to Shill. Virtually every major “mláke” at least one of the many species living in volaviek Pantanale. The most luxurious residence in a farm in the northern part Pantanalu, we can see sailing boats home volavku juhoamerickú. She was taught to dokrmovanie tourists. Our guide threw the pirate with a piece of stem of lily, which is flying through the water. Heron flew, nabodla piraňu a odletela you bezpečia zožrať. Built in the following shots :)




I wish you a pleasant weekend.

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  1. Mino says:

    LUZ MARINA: Yes, if it is not for commercial use, you can ude it. Send me then your education materials, thanks.

  2. luz marina. says:

    I live in Maceo, near The Ca?ón of Rio Alicante, there is a natural reserve. Your photos are so beautifull, can I used it for an eduational proyect?
    Thank you.
    I don´t speak english!