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Costa Rica Frogs


zaba1When planning your trip to Costa Rica was photography and tropical rosničiek listovníc between the main destination. This, however, we did not know, that's not all as easy as we thought.

zaba5Cruziohyla calcarifer



Each frog ever photographed what he sees because it is simple. I'll give it where I want, while a majority position while the photograph and done. It is true in the tropics, but this is preceded by a detail. It is possible to find them :) . It should not also be a big problem, But the sounds heard at a great distance and just follow the sound and we won.

zaba1Cruziohyla calcarifer

The reality in the tropics but other. While Toad is not a problem found under almost every lamp, find the tree frogs and listovnice is almost superhuman power. Almost every night we vyrážali with batteries and headlamp for hunting. We are anoles, ropuchy, many insects but that was about it. And when we heard we could not find any. Whenever we approached the familiar sounds alarms. In vain we look after all the letters. For all the time so we found only 3-4 small tree frogs and even one listovnicu.


Cruziohyla calcarifer

Last day before we wanted to spend a relatively relaxing pace and therefore we chose a visit to La Paz. In it there is a section with listovnicami, where we get them to shoot at a standstill. Not quite my style. I prefer to take pictures of wild animals in the wild. The only mitigating factor is that, that are not in closed terrariums but navoľno in one large room. Is funny, that from the beginning we had a big problem here ever find any of them. Perhaps in the future the way I manage to shoot them in the wild nature.

zaba9Agalychnis callidryas


zaba2Cruziohyla calcarifer


zaba8Agalychnis callidryas


zaba3Dendropsophus ebraccata


zaba7Agalychnis callidryas


zaba4Agalychnis callidryas


zaba6Agalychnis callidryas

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